SuKi Se

a confluence of contradictions


Who We Are

SuKi Se is an homage to where co-founders Sunya Vakil and Kifah Shah come from. Housed out of Los Angeles, California and produced ethically in Karachi, Pakistan, the brand asserts the notion that one does not need to choose but rather can converge identities beautifully.

Sunya's years of experience in creative design and Kifah's work for two years in Pakistan's development sector organically segued to conceptualizing a brand that caters to anyone that seeks affordable, ethical, trendy, yet authentic styles. SuKi Se works with local Pakistani craftspeople on producing a genuine, quality line for you. 

We do not dichotomize our beings or brand; it is both Pakistani and American. We are a confluence of what may seem contradictory, proudly rooted in tradition while moving forward in style.